This Blog is a way of showcasing my projects. I’ve always hosted a web server at home, particularly when learning PHP. I hosted a few projects and websites for friends and it seemed a no-brainer to host a blog for my various projects and hobbies. There doesn’t seem to be much on here in the way of projects – at the moment- as this is a redo of the original website.

I have always been a tinkerer starting with toys and bikes as a child and moving to, modding and unlocking mobile phones, Cycling and downhill racing and computers, coding, web hosting and security, Media Production & IT, Photography, home automation, Home networking and safety, watchmaking, 3D printing and like most guys… Cars!

As a married father of two children, there are always hacks to making life easier, the geek in me finds ways to mix in a geeky project, like designing and 3D printing a water bottle holder for my child’s bed to prevent spills.

Creating a firewall out of an old inexpensive computer to block internet nasties, particularly content I want to protect my home from was a good project. I will in due course re-write some of these handy projects, since these were a good inspiration and point in the right direction for a few who wanted to attempt this themselves.

I guess having to redo some of this would mean I can use the feedback I received (and appreciate ) to do an improved version. (Yes, I will use the proper camera)

I have plans, possibly to add the web hosting control panel here and a way of commissioning watch builds with a view of logistics and transparency. For now, I will indulge myself with creating a gallery of my watch builds and add watch-based content that was absent from the previous blog.

More watch content to come. (feedback appreciated)

Thank you for visiting my humble website, and hope you enjoyed your time here!