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  • Crystal Clear again

    Crystal Clear again

    I love the idea of having a posh-looking chronograph and had been looking on auction sites, and the Facebook marketplace for a second-hand one. The good-looking ones that I saw were selling more than I was willing to spend on a non-automatic watch. But then I got a notification that my saved eBay search found…

  • Black & White

    Black & White

    Not usually one to order parts for a watch until I had imagined and settled on what I wanted to create But I had done exactly that. I just thought the case was curious enough to order it, but then had forgotten all about it. I didn’t even purchase I dial or decide on what…

  • Ostero-horology!?


    I love learning about the history behind horology and the varied methodology and styles used to produce a timepiece, for me, however, the skeleton movements arouse the most curiosity. The aesthetic appeal of seeing the inner workings such as the gears and main spring moving can not be ignored. The tradition of the Skeleton movement…

  • Hold my Root beer

    Hold my Root beer

    I quite like the gold and silver combo, or the “root beer” rose gold and steel. We all know which watch inspired the term, and that’s the Rolex GMT Master II in rose gold and steel. A premium high-tier luxury watch that indeed comes at a premium. Probably one of the most copied dual colour…

  • Movement and dial swap

    Movement and dial swap

    This little Nautilus homage watch gets less wrist time nowadays. The dark blue sunburst dial isnt so appealing as much as it used to be. Perhaps it’s the hands, and dial combo, but I had decided it needed to change. The “Tiffany” blue dial is rather trendy and photos of the dial look rather fetching,…

  • A classic case

    A classic case

    In recasting the decorative “Nomega” open heart dial and NH39 movement from the current heavy case to something more subtle to show off the dial a bit more. I chose a 39mm polished stainless steel case. I just to need to find straps for this one before I can call this project done.

  • Relaxed SKX007 GMT

    Relaxed SKX007 GMT

    I love the Seiko SKX007, an iconic Seiko design, a size that also suits so many. Not too large for my small wrists, or indeed for my wife also. But there isn’t a GMT version, so I made one. Starting with a brushed steel case and featuring the recently released Seiko NH34a 24 Jewel GMT…

  • Adding a splash of colour!

    Adding a splash of colour!

    The black dial of a Seiko divers watches, although a classic, with the brightly luminous phosphorescent circles and a triangle with the chrome borders, confirms its Sieko identity…It begs to be changed. Especially so when stored amongst other Seiko diver watches. Every morning, competing for wrist time, an old favourite doesn’t command attention like the…