Black & White

Not usually one to order parts for a watch until I had imagined and settled on what I wanted to create But I had done exactly that. I just thought the case was curious enough to order it, but then had forgotten all about it. I didn’t even purchase I dial or decide on what movement I would use.

Then it arrived. I wanted to use it and build something asap. It seemed I would have to use a 31mm dial as a chapter ring wouldn’t fit in there (allowing me to hide the edges of a smaller dial). I had only a few dials larger dials left. One was a no date in blue, then a peppermint stripe dial, and then lastly a gloss black just date dial. With no print or logo on the dial, just chapter markers and printed minute markers. Paired with black and white hands from an abandoned project, it had turned out quite well all considered.

Considering I hadn’t planned this build and used only what I had in my inventory, I’m rather impressed with how this turned out. I think I will look for a better strap and maybe a dial that matches the case more. If I can resist wearing it, I could possibly save this and give it to someone as a gift…