Crystal Clear again

I love the idea of having a posh-looking chronograph and had been looking on auction sites, and the Facebook marketplace for a second-hand one. The good-looking ones that I saw were selling more than I was willing to spend on a non-automatic watch.

But then I got a notification that my saved eBay search found an item that fitted the bill… except there was one thing. It was broken. The crystal was smashed, and the dial looked dirty in the photos and was listed as broken / for spares. with the bracelet looking rather soiled as well

I figured I’d take a chance. I could fit a crystal, possibly save the dial or perhaps source another The bracelet was have to get a good clean in the ultrasound cleaner, and hopefully, the movement can be fixed or replaced. I placed a bid and was soon outbid. so I figured I’d tap in the top figure I was going to go to within the budget and not check it till it the auction lot had ended.

When it arrived, I removed the broken mineral glass and removed the movement so I can clear any broken glass in the movement – if any. There was none I could see with my eye, but just in case I used pressurised air to clear it just in case. I changed the battery and it worked. No parts are required and it keeps time perfectly.

Dial was easily cleaned with a squirt of pressurised air and the stubborn bits required the use of a blob of watchmaker’s putty. A 34.4mm x2mm crystal was surprisingly easy to source.

All that was left to do was to take the case apart and put it in the ultrasonic bath. I didn’t want to risk polishing this as I would imagine the plating would be very thin.

The finished results!

In the sunlight, the dial’s details were rather nice. The thin lines etched in the dial that make the sunburst effect was not ruined, and the subdial’s details were all clear. Thankfully there was no visible damage to the dial or the lume on the dial when the crystal broke.

Overall. I’m rather pleased with how it came out… But now I want a mechanical one! I guess I truly have the watch collector’s disease!