Hold my Root beer

I quite like the gold and silver combo, or the “root beer” rose gold and steel. We all know which watch inspired the term, and that’s the Rolex GMT Master II in rose gold and steel. A premium high-tier luxury watch that indeed comes at a premium.

Probably one of the most copied dual colour schemes for a watch, what’s the outcome when this colourway is applied to a Seiko build? I attempted to find out, purchasing all the parts from Ali-Express.

The Dial was last to arrive…

When purchasing from an online web app where many resellers compete for your attention. The photos may hold your expectations high for the product for it to fall short of a good product in different criteria. Different dials were purchased, most seemed disappointing or the wrong coloured hour markers were sent, the last of the dials was very good. The sunburst shine was the right amount and didn’t look like just a deep gloss applied.

Rose gold markers and hands, all with apple green lume

The casing was not the dearest available but offered very good value for money. Sapphire crystal for the front glass with a “Cyclops” x2.5 date magnifier, crown is double sealed with a stem seal and stem thread seal. The bracelet with solid end-links also boasts glide lock functionality in the lockable clasp. Links are removed with screws. However, there is moderate flex but is not noisy nor feels cheap.

The Seiko NH34a was an obvious choice for the movement for this build. The NH series movement by Sieko has been used by many micro-brands and a wide choice of vendors and products when it comes to after-market dials and hands.

I’m quite pleased with the result.

All in, at this time of writing this early April 2023, this build was under £200 in parts, all ordered from Mr A Express. 😉